So many baby wipe brands out there! But which ones are good for your baby? Here are 3 factors to help you decide on your purchase.

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Baby Wipes (1 pack of 80s) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.3UPk
Baby Wipes (1 pack of 20s) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.32Ij
Diapers (S24) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.3cVX
Diapers (M22) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.WzNL
Diapers (L20) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.3ZX7
Diapers (XL24) – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.3bKX
Shampoo & Bath – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.32IQ
Lotion – https://c.lazada.com.my/t/c.WzOk

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