What If

What if I could roll back time,
What if I could undo the mistakes I made in my life,
What if I have given a little bit more,
What if I have said the words that I should have before.

What if I could withdraw the words that I have said,
What if I could be a better friend to you instead,
What if I have stayed a little longer,
What if I have been a little stronger.

What if I could revisit the incidences past,
What if I could pause time, so it will last,
What if I have said sorry than having it played in my head,
What if I have done the things I should have instead.

What if I am much more than I seem to be,
What if I am my very own biggest enemy,
What if I am truly how people look at me,
What if I am real, not just a face you see.

What if I stop thinking this way,
What if I look forward, “Move on!” I say,
What if I tell life “Come what may”,
What if I stand firm “No, not today!”

What if I refuse to giving in,
What if I look at the Cross, who gave victory over my sins,
What if I renew my mind, and let not my past have a hold of me,
What if I put my faith only in the One who has gone before me.

Our past may affect but it doesn’t define you,
Our thoughts may shape the kinda life you want to go through,
Our life bears a testimony that no one can ever argue with you,
You are only who you can be, if only you believe it’s true.

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