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I want to thank you for believing in me. This is not a click-bait.

As we grow older, the idea of magic slowly disappears even though you can have a glimpse of it at “The Magical Land of Disney” (no one paid me to write this and the other articles to date).

I’m sure we all have came across tough/stubborn stains. We might have came across stubborn stains on your walls, on the glass panel, some dirt marking on something that’s white like the chair at home probably you got them from Ikea, or even stains in the sink, the wash basin, or in your pot… the rice pot at home.

Well even if you don’t cook, this “magical thing” that I’m about to introduce to you might come in handy, may not be now, perhaps one day. For the sake of building my “case”, let’s just use the rice pot of your rice cooker that you, or someone normally use at home.

The Rice Pot

I’m not sure if it’s just me… but after some time using the rice pot, from the bright aluminium color that it came with, slowly it begins to accumulate stain on it and over time, it turns brownish… black… something like the image on your right.

Now there are things that you would like to do with it e.g. scrubbing it, and if you’re like me who came from a family who believes in the use of steel wool, it will only make things worse if you haven’t already threw the pot away once you’re done scrubbing it.

I’ve even tried using vinegar and soda bicarbonate to soak the rice pot, but somehow these stains are just pure stubborn and if you were to soak it too long, the “protective” layer of the rice pot gets affected too.

You might come to a conclusion that the problem could be primarily because of the material I used to wash the rice pot with.


Most of my dish-washing was done with sponge. Some times with that “cloth-net-thing-which-traps-food-leftovers-and-it-is-annoyingly-annoying”.

“No, the green color one by Scotch Brite!” Unfortunately it scratches the surface of the aluminium rice pot too. So nah…

Then I met… not someone… not you… hehehe…

Magic Sponge

It’s really magic!


Feels like any other sponge that you find in the stores.


Magic Sponge feels like any other sponge that you find in the stores. But how you can tell them apart is:

1. Magic Sponge is definitely white in color.

2. Magic Sponge is slightly stiffer compared to the other type of sponge in the market.


It is super effective!


Magic Sponge is super effective!

Just cut out a small portion from the block, then you start rubbing the stain area with it. You’ll notice that the magic sponge will get darker in color as it begins to absorb the stain onto itself.

Usually by the time I’m done, I would have to throw away that portion I used. Somehow the Magic Sponge’s “structural integrity” collapsed.


It is safe to use.


Along with the fact that it is effective, it is also safe to use.

You do not need to use any other washing solutions or chemicals to help remove the stain while you’re at it. I only used tap water to work with it.

Another thing to note is, as Magic Sponge behaves like a sponge, it is also gentle to the cookware or surfaces that you’re using it on as well.

It doesn’t leave scratch marks on the surface.

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