Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep,
I don’t know why,
Can’t seem to stay in bed,
And close my eyes.

Mind’s spinning fast,
Curious you see,
What is gonna unfold,
I wonder what will it be.

So I got out of bed,
Put my glasses on,
Went to the kitchen,
Fixed myself something hot.

The aroma of coffee,
Filled the air,
As I headed to my workdesk,
Seated on my favourite chair.

Stared into the screen,
Browsed through the sites that I know,
I came to this,
Leading where, I do not know.

Started writing,
Penned my thoughts down,
It feels kinda nostalgic,
It has been quite some time now.

Since I last wrote,
So they rhymed,
Words that I know,
Ran past my mind.

And I paused,
Started to think,
Took a deep breath,
I blinked.

Things seem to be a little more familiar now,
“Good morning”, “Good night”,
Wherever you may be,
Right now.

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