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Got me thinking.

Really! What are some of the things that you do before you enter bed (that is before bed right?). What are your routines, what are your practices, what do you encourage?

Some of you might have your teeth brushed.

Some of you might have to read bedtime stories to your kids.

Some of you might have to just take another walk into the living room ensuring those switches have been switched off (yea electricity is expensive nowadays).

Some of you might even go out of your house one last time to check if the gates have been pad-locked.

Some of you might catch up on your reading, whether it’s news, your newsfeed(s), your messages on WhatsApp, Skype, etc.


How many of you… bathe?

You crazy? Please hear me out…

However, I would also like to remind you that this is a matter of preference, perspective, and there might be some even would strongly disagree with me on this (especially the Chinese) wait aren’t you… Yes I am but… that’s not the question… and these some might use these terms “Fong Sap” (Rheumatism) or “Tao Yap Fong” (Head Enter Wind – loosely translated), especially if you washed your hair.


Yes… I must bathe before entering bed. And these are my valid reasons why… hahaha… I choose O.


I believe fine oil particles travel with air.


Irregardless of our hair being… long or short, I am sure you can agree with me the scalp of your head, excretes oil. I believe that if you do not wash your hair so often, like twice a week, who knows right… Oil will get accumulated on your scalp, and your hair pores might be blocked resulting to hair loss.

Whoa Abel into hair science! No not really… that’s why I used the word “believe”.

But the oil that I will be talking about isn’t the oil that’s excreted on the scalp of your head. It’s more of the fine oil particles that is trapped on, in, among, between your hair especially if you had your meal at a food court or an eating outlet, a restaurant maybe, outside. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting this eating at home as well. I’m not saying that.

I believe fine oil particles travel with air. I admit that I didn’t do any research on this, nor did I carry out experiments to prove my point on this but… let me ask you… what happens to the windscreen of your car when you park it somewhere close to the kitchen area of a restaurant? or the even mamak shop that you frequent? You’ll notice fine droplets of oil on the car’s windscreen right?

Imagine you just had sizzling pan noodles, or a Korean BBQ meal, or even a Thai BBQ meal, the amount of fine oil particles that is caught by your hair, and if you don’t bathe before entering bed, how this oil factor gets transferred to your pillow, and you don’t change the covers of your pillow, and even if you do some might sip through the covers, and your pillow might not stay put at one place when you sleep, and when you wake up your pillow might have been all over your bed, and to make things more interesting, you don’t sleep still, you spin, you turn, you roll, you…

I think you get the idea… right?


Not only oil gets trapped on your hair, it traps the smell too.


So not only oil gets trapped on your hair, it traps the smell too.

Therefore, not only fine oil particles land on your pillow, the smell too.

Don’t know what else to elaborate on… hahaha.


It is safe to assume, and conclude that, we will carry home what we caught outside.


Contagious… We’ve heard of this word used before, and I am sure you are also aware of the implications that it entail.

Have you had this experience before; after visiting the clinic or hospital, you have this uneasy feeling haunting you, telling you that you’re dirty, because of the many people who have been there, the many sick people who have been there, the bacteria from all these people who have been there and when you reach home, you would enter the shower, and you would also change the set of clothing you wore?

I hope you have… Because if you have not, this won’t make much sense to you.

The moment we leave our home, in fact to push this further, our room, I believe we are exposed to a new environment with a new set of implications. It is safe to assume, and conclude that, we will carry home what we caught outside, including things that we do not see or feel, like bacteria… organisms… which you might be bringing to your bed as well.

I bathe every time before I enter bed.

But like I have mentioned earlier, this is just a matter of own preference.

But you can also sleep on it.

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