Bad Day

I’m not too sure if you could see what’s in the picture above, I hope you could… Then you probably would be a bit freaked-out right now.

I took this picture when my family and I were in Australia; can’t remember where this place was but there was a lighthouse, and there was this forest area with an abandoned bunker which apparently was one of the forts during war back then.

So there was this trail you could walk on and follow as it leads you through this “forest area”. Now as you’re walking down this road, hahaha the pun…you’ll notice dated tree and trunks both on your left and right. The bark of the trees were peeling as it was exposed to weather, and as it aged in time.

Then I came upon this tree, and it looked like… that… Kinda looked like a face in a tree… like how it was depicted of the Grandmother Willow tree in Pocahontas, well not as fat… oops… this much… thinner…

I hope you won’t feel disappointed knowing at this point that the title I chose “Bad Day” has nothing to do with the pictures.

It looked… Bad… on that… Day… Bad… Day… Bad Day.

I’m sure you’ve had bad days before… You woke up one fine morning, everything seemed to be all good and well then suddenly, something unpleasant happened and your mood, changed, instantaneously from good to bad… It could be you got scolded by someone, you got accused of something that you didn’t do, someone didn’t hold up to his or her end, promises broken, or perhaps you were looking for a car park at the mall’s parking lot, when you thought you finally found one, then there came someone else and just took it away from you.

As blunt as it sounds… Shit happens… And it’s true… Bad things happen…

There were people who even sang about it… Bad Day by Daniel Powter or if you’re a Bieber fan, he has one too! If I remember correctly, there is yet another one with a bit of rock vibe to it… but… uh… anyway the whole idea is… it happens.

The thing is this… For most of us… One bad incident somehow has so much of influence, to make the entire day bad… one bad incident can change you for the rest of the day or one bad incident can write off all the good incidences that might have also happened on the same day.

Question is… How do you handle a Bad Day?

Do you sulk at it or do you mulk over it (there’s actually this word hahaha… and I found the definition here). In simpler terms, do you let so-called Bad Day have control over you, or is it the other way round?

Allow me to shed some light on this matter, since I started with B, 3 points then, in B…

Brick Wall

Sometimes there are setbacks in life.

Brick Wall

But but but you haven’t even told us what happened… Chill… Story’s gonna unfold…

This website is something new I created… I was waiting for the perfect timing to launch it, to add posts in it, to fill it up with contents… And so I did… I was sharing with some who are closer to me that the Site, will be launched next year (that was when I was talking about it in 2018)… So 2019 it will be!

I kinda rushed for it to happen. Like you know… Most of the time, inspiration just doesn’t come when you snap your fingers… Most of the time, idea comes and evolves at its own pace, it has a timeline of its own.

Thank God I came about to a design which I was quite satisfied with… So it was launched on the 31st December 2018, with its 1st post ever – Thankful; indeed I am… Then I started to put more effort into the website, finalized the concept and layout, and created the second post 2 days ago on my 2nd Anniversary.

When everything seemed to be going on well… Nothing seemed to work yesterday! I created a new post yesterday at the shop, it didn’t get updated, I tried to reload the page, nothing got updated, I tried making the smallest of change (thought that the theme couldn’t handle it), nothing happened! All I tried doing was returned with this message “Cannot connect to the Server”.

Facebook was working fine… The music was playing in the background… I was able to view a few videos on YouTube as well… I even Googled for solutions… Nothing seemed to work…

To cut the long story short… I ended up rebuilding everything I worked on the past month or so…

Sometimes in life, you will just hit a brick wall… That’s the first B…

Sometimes there are setbacks in life. Sometimes things do not go as how you planned it to be… Sometimes nothing works… Sometimes you don’t even work LOL…

I welcome challenges… Challenges just motivate me… to do better, if not faster… But this was nothing I expect… I’ve never encountered this before… I felt hopeless cause I have tried everything I could think of… except for 1… If I thought of that 1, I wouldn’t need to remake the website.

I had a Bad Day…

I refused to function.

I broke.


Take another look at the problem from a different perspective.


I was thinking should I go with Breathe, or should I go with Back-Off…

Breathe – If only… Something quite familiar isn’t it? If only I breathed… If only I paused in the midst of all the chaos running in my head, if only I calmed myself down… I’m quite sure things would have ended up different. I wouldn’t have needed to spend the extra time rebuilding the website… I wouldn’t have gone to bed at 4:00 AM yesterday… and the list goes on…

Perhaps the safest thing to do when we face a Brick Wall… is to Breathe. So I would encourage you, in the midst of all the chaos that life may throw at you, in the midst of all the troubles or worries that you may be in… The wisest thing could be… Breathe.

But if breathing doesn’t seem logical for you… you could also Back-Off!

Back-Off – I can assure you this that you will not be able to see anything clearly (if at all), when all you’re able to see is the Brick Wall. Because you’re just too focused, too near the Brick Wall (yeah your nose is kissing it), it is impossible to see anything else!

Back-off then! Take a step back… Take a few steps back… Take another look at the problem from a different perspective. For all you know the Brick Wall could just be a wall in your path and you could pretty much go around it but only if, you took a few steps back… only if you back-off.

I wonder how would it feel like to have your nose kissing the Brick Wall… Must be unpleasant isn’t it… That’s why we can also get easily agitated at this stage and we could in our very best capabilities to start a war, especially with the people closest to us, especially with the people we love most… Suddenly you have grown to love finding fault with everyone around you.

Christine, my wife used to get it all the time.

Thank God I’m better now… at least not all the time… Hahaha… Hey, at least I tried!


Sometimes, it is a blessing in disguise.


Abel is nuts! Blessing?

You heard me right! The third and final B is Blessing!

Most of the time we won’t know how blessed we have been, until we have gone past the Brick Wall… Sometimes, it is a blessing in disguise.

I remember someone wise once said this… Before any Rainbow, there is surely rain…

How blessed have you been then Abel?

For one… the website installation files are neater. I didn’t install everything and anything that I didn’t need just because it was stated there “Premium Content”. I didn’t confuse myself with features that seemed to be like rocket science to figure them out. One thing I also noticed ever since I recreated everything, the Site loads faster too.

I also learnt new stuffs along the way… How to link databases, how to access some hidden features, how to create contents in a more efficient way.

I’m not sure what Brick Walls you are facing right now. No two persons go through the same things at the same time. But if it is true that there’s a Brick Wall before you… Breathe will ya? Or perhaps Back-Off? And I hope and pray that you will be able to see clearly when you do.

I recall this verse from the Bible which I came across on a desk calendar at a meeting today with my Brothers… Psalms 42:11, ESV:

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
    and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
    my salvation and my God.

As I end… May you find encouragement through this song by Laura Story – Blessings.

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