Our 2nd Anniversary

2 years already? Yeaps… It feels like it was just yesterday.

Spending time recalling the experiences that we went through; the beautiful memories created and cherished with people who are very dear to the both of us that somehow just… flashed by as we were caught busy with the wedding preparations, not to mention the actual day itself, and also the many people who came to witness our union.

I also believe it would have been tough, it would have been uneasy, it would have been impossible if it wasn’t for God, who has been our Jehovah.

God who first brought the both of us together, God who brought key-people into our lives, God who provided for our needs (and wants too), God who sustained us in His amazing ways when we were going through the storms in our life (two became one, so singular lor?), and God who through all these, allowed Christine and I experience Him more and more, in a deeper manner each day.

A God who never fails.

Thank you for doing life with us, you know who you are.


With much love,
Christine Yu & Abel How


Never gets old.

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